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A major road widening project underway in Florida is due for completion soon. The work will improve an important section of road, reducing congestion at peak period and cutting travel times for drivers. The US 331/SR83 highway runs for some 79km and provides an important link in Florida’s Panhandle area, as it connects with Route 98.

Route 98 crosses a highly populated area noted as a tourist destination, whereas to the north it joins up with I-10, a highway that connects the Atlantic to the Pacific, the most southerly of the several coast-to-coast routes across the US. A key section of the US 331/SR83 route that needs to be improved is the 6.4km stretch crossing the Choctawhatchee Bay.

The Choctawhatchee Bay extends for around 65km, covering an area of 334km2 and forms part of the Emerald Coast region, which is located on the Florida Panhandle in the north-western part of the state.

The project to widen this 6.4km stretch is not without its challenges. Because the water table is high, the ground conditions are difficult and require extensive preparation to ensure the roadway can be constructed properly. For this portion of the project, a specialist firm was brought in to handle the work by the joint venture partners. Italian company Treviicos, through a subsidiary, Treviicos South (TIS), is handling this important link in the chain and carrying out the necessary road foundation improvement work for the upgraded road connection.

Treviicos was subcontracted to handle the ground stabilisation work for the foundations below the embankments. The less than ideal geological conditions meant that this crucial aspect of the project had to be carried out by a specialised ground engineering contractor with experience of this type of work. Treviicos was selected due to its extensive experience from working with all types of foundations in loose soil.

Credits: Lucio Garofalo, World Highways

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