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TREVIICOS: history, know-how and innovation

TREVIICOS was founded in 1997 when TREVI acquired ICOS to combine the world wide experience of TREVI with ICOS' knowledge of the North American market.

Active in North America since 1964, ICOS has made construction of hundreds of infrastructure projects and renowned buildings possible, including the World Trade Center in New York City. Soon after its inception, TREVIICOS was awarded a major contract for the complex foundation system of the new Southeast Expressway, better known as the Big Dig.

As work on the Big Dig projects ended, private development in the Boston area flourished, offering opportunities for TREVIICOS to be involved in the construction of new hotels, condominiums, office buildings as well as medical and educational facilities.


Rooted in the USA

At the same time, TREVIICOS began expanding its reach across the United States where we could use our expertise to make headway in the market of foundation construction. This new “nation-oriented” approach led to New York City projects and later to important projects in California such as the Webster Posey Tube for CALTRANS.
TREVIICOS' early involvement in Florida was soon followed by the award and successful completion of the rehabilitation of Walter F. George Dam in Alabama. Our technology, expertise and resources were recognized by the market and the Tuttle Creek project was added to our list of contracts in late 2005. Our involvement in major Dam and Levee projects resulted in the award of the Herbert Hoover Dike project, which surrounds Lake Okeechobee in Florida; the highly complex project to consolidate Wolf Creek Dam in Kentucky for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers; work for the levee improvement to the New Orleans East Back Levee Reach LPV 111 in Louisiana.

Today, TREVIICOS continues to have a large presence from the Greater Boston area to New Orleans and Florida as well as several states in between where we operate as a specialty subcontractor, but also as a specialty general contractor. We will continue extending our reach through the North American market to acquire the most challenging and demanding projects.

  • Stefano Valagussa, President & CEO
  • Mario Mauro, Vice President
  • Renzo Grando, Vice President of Operations
  • Emanuele Davitti, Executive Vice President
  • Francesco Cardillo, Chief Financial Officer
  • Kanchan Sen, Estimating Manager
  • Anthony Tolentino, HR Manager
  • Lorenzo Faedi, Technical Manager
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38 Third Avenue, Charlestown, MA 02129 U.S.A.


Trevi Group is a world leader in all-round underground engineering and operates through its two subsidiaries Trevi and Soilmec. The Trevi Division carries out special foundations, soil consolidations and geotechnical works for all kinds of infrastructures (subways, dams, ports and docks, bridges and viaducts, railway and motorway lines, industrial and civil buildings) and secures polluted sites, while the Soilmec Division designs, manufactures and markets machinery, plants and services for soil engineering. 

Founded in Cesena in 1957, the Group has about 65 companies and is present in about 90 countries with its dealers and distributors. Among the reasons for the success of the Trevi Group are its internationalisation and the continuous integration and interchange between its two divisions. 

Among the many projects that have left an indelible mark in the history of the sector are: the consolidation of the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the foundation works for the new World Trade Center in New York, the consolidation of the Wolf Creek Dam in the USA, the consolidation of the LPV-111 levee in New Orleans, that was destroyed by hurricane Katrina, the recovery of the Costa Concordia, the new Copenhagen metro, the Four Frankfurt business centre in Frankfurt and the new Paris metro line.

In 2016, the Group was awarded the work to secure the Mosul Dam in Iraq, facing and overcoming an extremely complicated technological, organisational and logistical challenge that received the DFI Outstanding Project Award in 2022.

In 2022, the Group was awarded the works for the futuristic project “The Line” in Saudi Arabia, the foundation and consolidation works for the North East Link Project, the Victoria State Tunnelling Project in Melbourne, Australia, and the construction of the consolidation and drainage curtain of the Rogun Main Dam Foundation in Tajikistan, one of the highest dams in the world. 

Trevi-Finanziaria Industriale S.p.A (TreviFin) has been listed on the Milan Stock Exchange since July 1999. TreviFin is listed on Euronext Milan.


TREVI operates in the execution of specialised works in the field of underground engineering, always obtaining excellent results, and it supplies services with high added value and with high profitability margins.

SOILMEC manufactures plants and rigs that are used for foundation engineering. Its products are the result of an experience of over 50 years, and are tested under the most difficult conditions in the works the Group carries out all over the world through the TREVI Division.



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