By successfully completing its task at the Garden garage site, Treviicos puts its mark on yet another ground engineering project in Boston.

The job entailed the installment of 53 panels with a max excavation depth of 76’ (avg. depth 55’) for a total 1,134 lf (62,516 sf excavated and 56,717 sf concreted). TREVIICOS also handled all bracing for the project. 

Panels were excavated and concreted through typical Boston soil, i.e., Urban Fill, Marine Deposits, Former Intertidal Zone, Sand & Gravel, Sand, Clayey Silt to Silty Clay, Glacial Till and Bedrock (Argillite).

Garden Tower is being erected in the West End on a site previously occupied by a 650-space parking garage. On completion, the tower will rise 44 stories and include 469 apartment units. It will also feature approx. 20,000 square feet of common resident amenities and around 2,300 square feet of ground floor retail space.

Foundations were also a key factor for the construction of an 830-space garage, which will expand parking capacity in the area. Garden Tower is also to be noted for its improvements to surrounding sidewalks and landscaping, increasing existing open space by approximately one acre. 

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