Rigid inclusions

Rigid inclusions join the advantages of fixed piles technologies with the versatility of application of drilled piles. A perfect method for projects in urban centres, as it eliminates vibration and disturbance to adjacent structures and reduces noise emissions.

Continuous Flight Auger Piles
CFA piles make it possible to avoid decompressing the soil and using bentonite mud for drilling. This greatly simplifies the disposal of debris. Thanks to its constant technical improvement, this technology has significantly broadened its fields of application, allowing for a much wider range of diameters and lengths.
The operating phases entail digging the pile by driving a continuous blade assembled on a central hollow pipe. At the end of the digging phases, extraction of the blade occurs at the same time concrete is poured by pumping from inside the same blade.
When required, piles may be reinforced for their entire length with reinforcement cages inserted in the still wet concrete.

The winning aspect of this highly productive technology is the combined action of rotation and pressure with a special tool which can move and/or amass soil in the drilling stage. This is an ideal “clean” solution for contaminated areas (refineries, garbage dumps, de-commissioned industrial areas, etc.) and is perfect for projects in urban areas.
The DISCREPILES technology ensures very little debris, the absence of vibration and impulsive force or impact, increases the load-bearing capacity of pilings due to the compactness of the soil in the surrounding area (limited to incoherent “compactable” soils). This method significantly reduces the over-consumption of concrete and eliminates any risk of over-augering.
The operating method entails driving a hollow drill stem equipped with a special “tamper” which moves and/or amasses the soil as it advances.
Once the projected depth has been reached, the drill stem is extracted and at the same time the pile is poured by pumping concrete through the same hollow drill stem.
Where required, piles can be reinforced for their entire length with reinforcement cages inserted in the still wet concrete.  

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