Deep Mixing

Various types of equipment can be used to perform deep mixing, but the technique essentially relies on mechanical means to create an in situ mixture of soil and grout. It can create continuous vertical barriers, reinforced if needed by the insertion of H Beams at preset intervals or it can form cells of treated soil to avoid liquefaction, to create gravity structures or to improve the overall characteristics of a soil mass.

In particular, TURBOMIX technique obtains columns of consolidated soil and geometry defined by the tool’s dimensions with in-situ mechanical mixing of the soil with the supply of a water-cement mixture injected at high pressure.

Good results with the TURBOMIX treatment are strictly dependent on the nature and composition of the soil in which the operation is being carried out.

Operating specifications
The stabilizing agent is already introduced into the soil while drilling, as a stable water/cement mixture with the possible use of additives. Separation and mixing of the soil is achieved by the combined action of mechanical tools, aided by a system of high pressure jets which convey the consolidating agent.
The jets with their high kinetic energy promote the breakdown of material, optimizing the mixing and increasing the final quality of the soil-binder mixture, especially in terms of the consolidated section’s resistance and homogeneity.

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