"Safety Always, even when no one is watching"
Stefano Valagussa

Safety Always is more than just a slogan; it is what we strive for as a Company.

While compliance and participation are an absolute requirement on the job, we want to instill a safety culture that becomes part of each worker's personal life as well. Our goal is that safety becomes an integral part of everyday life, on and off the job.

In the specialty foundation construction industry, there are ever-present hazards to navigate and we depend on our team’s experience, expertise and professionalism in safely performing the various phases of our projects.

Some of the key components of our Safety Program are:

  • Developing specific and detailed Site Safety Plans that allows us to complete each task in a safe manner.
  • Continuous Training of all our employees including OSHA training topics relevant to each project given by EHS professionals who are dedicated to maintaining safe work sites.
  • Providing detailed Activity Hazard Analyses (AHAs) for each phase of our work that identify and mitigate known hazards and required actions to prevent injury.
  • Implementing daily Pre Task Plans (PTP) which engage our teams in focusing on the tasks at hand, the hazards that may arise and how to prevent injury from those hazards.
  • Having monthly Site Safety Committees that discuss both successes and opportunities to improve in site safety.
  • Periodic Projects Audit as part of our continuous improvement initiative.
  • Simplified mechanism to report Near Misses and suggestions to improve safety and prevention tactics.
  • Share with all project team members the Lessons Learned from incidents and their root cause as a result of a robust incident investigation process.
Our Goal is "Zero Incidents" and we strive to perform our work in the safest manner possible… Working safely, even when no one is watching, is the true measure of a safe worker and a safe and successful project.
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