2016 - Southeast Louisiana, New Orleans, LA

SELA 26 is a part of the Southeast Louisiana (SELA) drainage program, designed to reduce flood damages in the City of New Orleans and surrounding parishes, the project entailed the construction of a concrete covered canal along the six stretches, leading into expanded canal systems at Florida Ave. and Peoples Ave., and the temporary support of rail line relocation. SELA 26 was located in New Orleans Eighth Ward, St. Roch neighborhood of Orleans Parish, along three south streets Deers, Eads, and Painters between N. Dorgenois and Florida Ave, along three north streets Benefit, Treasure, and Abundance between Eads and Peoples Ave., as well as block portion adjacent to nearby confluence of several active rail lines “Track 7”.
Owner US Army Corps of Engineers
Contractor Renda/JBros. Joint Venture
Engineer EUSTIS Engineering Co.
The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), New Orleans District, selected the jet grouting technology for the construction of the bottom plug and awarded the contract to a Joint Venture between Oscar Renda and Johnson Brother’s (JV) in September of 2014, which we had established a teaming agreement with.
The project developed over nearly 6,400 L-ft treatment on six stretches of neighborhood roads and railroad block and consisted of approximately 2,180 Jet Grout columns, incorporating both varying diameter elliptical configuration (between 7.2ft to 13.0ft) as well as circular columns (between 3.0ft to 8.0ft).
Total gross treatment of approximately 148,000cy provided 100% volume coverage on net treatment of approximately 110,000cy, comprised of treatment depth on average to 52ft below ground surface, with maximum treatment depth achieved at 75ft.
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