2003 - Newark, NJ

The Newark Elizabeth Rail Link Contract No. 02-024, GC #1 – Tunnel is a 1-mile extension to the existing 4-mile Newark City Subway. The contract consists of the construction of an underground reinforced concrete box tunnel structure connecting two light rail transit tracks. Constructed using the cut and cover method, the new tunnel is approximately 812 feet long. The underground reinforced concrete structure is constructed under Mulberry Street from the existing subway connection at Raymond Boulevard, passing between Saint John’s Church and the Episcopal House and ending at a portal about 300 feet south of Center Street.
Owner New Jersey Transit Corporation
General Contractor E. E. Cruz Company, Inc.
Geotechnical Engineer BRW and BPQ&D, a Joint Venture
Structural Engineer DMJM Harris
The general contractor was required to design and install the temporary support of excavation for the cut and cover tunnel. A temporary support of excavation comprising soldier piles and lagging, in addition to secant pile wall along the existing Episcopal House and the existing parking garage, was selected.

The secant pile walls were designed by Mueser Rutledge Consulting Engineers. Soldier piles, W24 x 117, were installed in all secondary piles immediately after concreting.

Prior to the secant pile wall construction, TREVIICOS installed concrete guidewalls. The purpose of the guidewalls are to provide permanent alignment, guide for the drilling tool at the surface and support the upper portion of soil immediately adjacent to the excavation.
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